Monday, August 25, 2014

Week in Photos

Hope everyone had a great day! Just wanted to share some of the photos I took last week. Warning: about 90% of them involve food.

Last week, my friend and I went to Molly's cupcakes before she heads back to school in New York. If you are ever in Chicago I HIGHLY recommend making a stop here. They are some of my favorite cupcakes in the City.

On Wednesday, I ended up going to The Blind Bet Comedy show at the Pony Inn. My friend got free tickets, and I have to admit it the comedians were actually very good. 

I finally finished moving in! It still hasn't hit me that this is my last year of University.  

Over the weekend my Rome friends and I had a little reunion at Eataly. I had Taglitelle al Ragu followed by a Nutella and banana crepe. I thought it was very good! In the upcoming week I'll probably write a more in depth post. 

And thats it! Have a good rest of the week!