Monday, September 1, 2014


Last weekend, my friends from Rome and I had a Rome reunion dinner at Eataly. This was my first time actually eating there, as in the past, it's been too crowded to actually sit-down and enjoy a meal.

As it turns out the place was still packed. We had to wait around an hour to get a table. We decided to use that time to explore.

First off, there was the fruit. VERY overpriced but still fun to look at. They also had free samples of melon which were very good.

We then ventured upstairs to be greeted by vast amounts of cheese. Again, the prices were not so friendly to college kids. The mozarella di bufala in particular was a personal blow since we were so used to the cheap Italian prices.

After a quick stop at the focaccia bar and a little more wandering around, our table was finally ready.

If you couldn't tell from the picture, our meal was worth waiting for.

And what better way to finish off some amazing pasta, than with an equally amazing banana Nutella crepe at the nutella bar? 

Bottom line, Eataly is a fun place to grab a meal. Do yourself a favor though, and come on a weekday when it's not flooded with people.